We are your one stop shop for all your Software & Web Development, IT & Tech Support, Accounting, Payroll, Tax Preparation, Business Consulting and Janitorial services' needs.


Our team of professionals is experienced and passionate about leveraging technology to design, implement, test and integrate the best solutions to all of our clients' needs.


A technology solution is as good as our understanding of our clients' needs and challenges, as such, our engineers' business knowledge is very important in enabling  clear and concise understanding of our clients. Communication with our clients is key to success, therefore our team is prepared to take the necessary measures to learn and understand our clients' lines of business.


Having an understanding of our clients' lines of business enables our teams to better understand our clients' needs and challenges, therefore, our team of professionals are highly trained and experienced gathering requirements, writing specifications and communicating technical concepts, processes, frameworks and paradigms with our clients in terms that our clients can understand.


Our diverse knowledge and wide variety of experiences enables us to work with clients in different industries, from law firms, agriculture, manufacturing, utility companies, trading firms, janitorial services firms, the retail sector, the food and services industries.  


Our knowledge in networking, databases, data science, business intelligence, network security, technology infrastructure, best practices, Lean Six Sigma, Agile, Scrum, Linux and Windows environments has given us the opportunity to help many of our clients to really explore and implement the best possible technology solutions that not only meet and exceed their expectations, but to actually deploy technology solutions that maximize our clients' return on investment.